Working Status - one h1b approved and other denied


I am currently on CAP-GAP. MY Current employer (X) name is mentioned in CAP-GAP I-20. I have apllied 2 h1B for year 2014 . One through my current employer (x) and another employer (y).out of applied two H1Bs, I got H1 B deniel for employer X today and I have approved H1B from emplyer Y.

Now my question is can i keep continue working with my current employer (x) or employrr (y) ? if yes then how ? what are the other options i have ?

I will really appriciate your quick response.



AFAIK - you need to work with your employer Y after Oct 1st.

As of today you are in grey area as you have CAP GAP and denial for that H1

Contact your DSO and check

You can work for X until Oct 1 and should then join Y based on their approved petition. This assumes, Y’s petition was approved w/ COS.