Working on WP in Canada and H1b picked in lottery and Company will process L1 in Dec


I have my L1 extn denied last year adn my company has processed Canada visa.I am working in Toronto via ICT on a work permit.I have applied for H1 this year and it has been picked in lottery.

My company will process L1 B/A this Decemeber. I have few questions rotating in my mind.

  1. If I get my H1 petition approved and I go for H1 stamping in Canada after my L1 stamping, will my L1 visa still valid or becomes void?

  2. Say, if go to US on L1, can I still work on H1. Can I change my status to H1 from L1.

  3. Say, I got my H1 stamped in Canada. I am in the process of looking for job in US(from canada).If my current company processes L1, will it create a problem at consulate? will my H1 bcomes void?

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  1. Sometimes they cancel the L1 stamp, if not cancelled, it will be valid

  2. U can go for COS from L1 to H1

  3. NO, L1 and H1 are two independent visas and not a problem