Working on Post Graduate OPT while studying


My name is Aditya. I have unique case. I came to US for MS in Aug. 2008 but for some reason I decided to transfer to other university after a semester . Then since Spring 2009 I started my studies in new university. Later on while I was finishing up my Masters I got internship opportunity in Summer 2011. So I applied for CPT and post Graduation OPT at the begging of June 2011 with understanding that I will graduate by August 2011. My I-20 was exteneded from Dec. 2011 to August 2012 and I was issued OPT card. But I got too occupied in my work and somehow my graduation was delayed until December 2011. Now my emplyer has applied for my H1B visa. It has alredy been two month and my status has not changed from intial review.Do you reckon by working on post graduate OPT for six month while not graduated could delay my applictaion? My school offical says that my SEVIS status was updated regularly and in good standings. Can anyone throw more light on the issue? Your help is greatly appreciated

I understand my email is little lengthy. Thanks for taking time and going through it.