Working on L1 visa with H1B visa is in process state

Hi Sourabh,

Last week I travelled to US on L1 visa from A company

In April 2015 I applied for H1B through B consultancy. It got selected and is currently under process after submitting the RFE.

Currently I don’t have any plans to change my employer from A company to B consultancy.

And also I have not filled any [COS] for L1 to H1B

I want to know how my visa status is going to affect after my H1B gets approved?

Can I continue to work on L1 with employer A untill I get my H1B stamped?

Kindly help me to understand this visa status conflicts



As no COS was filed, you can continue to work on L-1 even after H-1 gets approved.

Thanks for the quick reply Saurabh

Below are my concerns regarding visa status when I wnat to work for new employer on H1 Visa.

Please help me to understand this

  1. Who has to apply for COS from L1B to H1B? myself or the new Employer

  2. Can this be done any time or do I need to wait till April for filling the same?

approximately how much time will it take for this change of State?


  1. Let the employer do it.
  2. It can be done anytime while H-1 petition is still valid and you are inside US.