working on L1 even after approved H1 visa

Dear Sir,

My L1B Visa is going to be expired on 31st Aug 2012. I have applied for L1B visa extension in last week. I am expecting to get approved L1B extension in next 3 months. (Happy scenario)


I have also applied for H1B visa through another employer in April 2012 and now I am having approved petition for H1B. I can work on this H1B visa through another employer from 1st Oct 2012.


My Question is --


I do not want to join another employer on H1B visa as he is paying me a less money.

I would like to continue with my present employer on L1B extension.Is this possible? If yes, then do I need to inform USCIS that I am continuing with L1B. In this case, what will happen to my H1 visa?


Please Suggest.


Thanking you in advance.


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Hey let me know what happend with you I am also in a similar case.

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To continue working on L-1 after H-1 COS has been approved, you have following options:

  • file COS from H-1 to L-1
  • leave US and return on stamped L-1 visa