Working on h-4 ead and going for h-4 visa interview

Hello,My wife is going for interview in three days. She is working on H-4 EAD in another state and has a full time job there. I wanted to ask about the following questions and what is the best possible way to answer themon DS 160 we have mentioned about her current employer and her address ( she lives in a different state than mine )1) You have applied for L-1B visa recently why are you applying for H-4 now?2) What were you doing in USA prior to this travel?3) Why does your husband live in TX and you in CA?4) What are your plans after going to USAPlease let me know what is the best way to answer this so that the visa process goes smoothly.Thank you

Your answers have to be very genuine and not made up, because it will miss the conviction.
There is nothing wrong in saying I am an educated woman and cannot sit at home, I prefer to work. So, working and you all meet up often… Living in different states for work reasons is very common and I am sure you are trying to find something in the same state as your husband, which is the truth, so you can say the same.