Working on B1 after applying L2-EAD ?

Hi Saurabh,

Currently my husband is in US on L1.

I am working for an MNC in India.

Last year I travelled to US on B1 visa for office purpose.

I might have to travel on L2 some time in Dec

Below are my concerns regarding my travel. please share your thoughts on this

  1. Can I travel to US on L2, apply for EAD and move to my employer location and start working on B1 visa?

  2. after getting my EAD can I start working on L2 with my current employer?

  3. Will there be any legal obligations to me or my Employer?


  1. If you enter on L-2, then your B-2 status doesn’t get applied. You can only use L-2 visa unless COS from L-2 to B-2 is filed and approved.

  2. You can work for any employer once L-2 EAD is approved

  3. I don’t understand what kind of legal obligations you are referring to.