Working as an Independent contractor on OPT (Initial 12 months)on W2 for a staffing company

Hello There,

I would like to know few things, as an OPT Student (Initial 12 months period), can I work as an Independent contract from Staffing company A to Client B, my payroll will be with Staffing company A (on W2), and company A is an E-Verified company and they said they can file for STEM OPT extension and also H1B, but I would like to know the best opinion for my situation and my OPT expires in May and need to file STEM OPT extension before May, and Company A also said they will file H1B as well.

So please let me know is it ok to work for them or it comes under any violation of OPT and any problems while applying for STEM OPT extension and also H1B from them

Thank you

You need to apply for both STEM OPT extension as well as H1 to be on safe side. H1 may not may not get picked (assuming it is still lottery), even if it gets picked, it is effective only from Oct 2017 and hence you need to be legally working here until then. Apply for both.

Thanks a lot for the response, can you plz explain me about that working through a staffing& technology consulting firm who is e verified, so can I work with them, will be ok in terms of STEM OPT extension… thank you

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It should be as long as you are working on a STEM job.

Can I please know what happened in your situation. Im in a similar situation. Can we apply for OPT extension if we are working on w2 contract (w2 hourly) for company A providing services to company B. Can they also file for H1B?