Workin on OPT that ends on February 07 2013

I have a question about my OPT that I’m not sure what to do about.

My OPT expires on February 07 2013 so if my employer would like to apply for my H1B, I can stay until April 07 what I know is I have two months to stay in the state after my official date ends.

Can I catch the next cap? Do I have any chance to do that?

Yes, you can apply in the next cycle. As long as you can file your petition within the first couple of days you should be fine, even if there is a lottery you would have the additional benefit of Masters quota.

The difficult part is you won't be able work after Feb 7 until Oct 1,2013, so the question is would your employer be willing to wait for 8 months.I am assuming you are not elgible for a STEM extension or have already exhausted the option else you might be better off trying for one.