Work Location is Different than in LCA



I am on H1b and I have received job offer from one of the employer in the US. Now this new Employer has filed LCA for X location of their client.

Now my H1b has got approved. However now this employer has asked to start working from Location Y of the same client for some time. My employer says that I would require to work for atleast 3/4 months from Location Y which is different than the location mentioned in the LCA. And after 3/4 months , i would be moved back to location X which is mentioned in the LCA. I am aware that they have not done any amendment in the approved petition for this new location Y.

Is it legal to work for a different location other than mentioned in LCA for the same client for 3 months?


Its required to file an ammendment if your job changes to a location outside the MSA(metropolitan statistical area ) .

Its not legal . Please find the USCIS regulation here