Work location discrepancies in LCA

Hi, I entered US on H1B sponsored by my employer based out in location E . In the LCA it is shown as internal project at location E. After coming here, my employer put me to client project in location C. I’m working remotely from home location H. My employer did not do an LCA ammendment yet.

E,C,H are in different states

E : Employer Location (location in LCA, pay stubs)
C : Client location
H : Home location (location in SSN, License)

Now l want to change employer. When the new employer files H1B transfer I want to know if my work location discrepancies in LCA pose challenges ?

Please advise on what can I do to reduce that risk

For I-129 that your new employer will file with USCIS to transfer H1B will list your current address of residence but it doesn’t ask to fill in past employer detail or employment address. However you will need to provide last 3 paystubs along with other supporting documents. This is where you may get an RFE if the adjudicating officer will see that the address in paystub vs your residence is different states. There is also a chance where USCIS will simply approve your transfer petition without raising any RFE.

I don’t think there is anything you can do to reduce the risk or fix the issue you have.

Hi Sir, Thanks for answering my questions. One other question… Let’s say my new employer files for H1B transfer. Will my current employer be notified about this transfer application on approval or rejection ?

I was told that, in case the application is rejected then the notice will go to my current employer. This sounds strange to me… Is this information correct ?? Please clarify…


I dont know what is your source of such information but USCIS only communicates with the sponsoring employer and their laweyer who filed the petition.