Work from Home on H1B in same MSA [50+ miles]

Hi All,

My employer has an office in New York City and that address is mentioned as my work address on LCA (I will be a full-time in-house employee). I am moving to the USA from abroad so I did not know what would be my home address at the time of filing the petition.

The company has work from home model for everyone.

I am considering Edison NJ and Montgomery NJ for settling in the US. Both these places are in the same MSA where New York City is. Edison is almost 40 miles and Montgomery is 55 miles from the office location.

Can someone please guide me if I should consider both these places for residence or I should keep my search limited to Edison as that is within the commutable distance (20-50 miles) limit?

The internet is full of confusing articles so I am putting my question here.

If it is same MSA, no need for H1B amendment, you are good. Do discuss with your employer’s immigration lawyer though.