Withdrawing H1b Application .

Dear Sir,

Presently I am on L1B visa and I have applied for H1B visa through another employer in June 2012. Its status is still in “Initial Review”.

1 )Now I want to withdraw or Cancel this H1 application. Is it possible? what is the process to Withdraw it ?

  1. The H1B has been applied as COS against L1B. Whenver I’ll receive approved H1B, my L1b will become invalidate and I need to resign from my present employer and need to join another employer on H1 visa. Right ?

  2. Is there any way sothat I can reject this approved H1B visa and continue working on L1b visa ?

Please Suggest.



  1. The H-1 employer can send an application to USCIS to withdraw the H-1 petition

  2. Correct

  3. Travel outside of US while H-1 is pending and return on your L-1 visa. This will abandon your COS although your H-1 will continue to be processed and would get approved w/ consular processing