Withdrawing and reapplying B1/B2 application

I had surrendered my Green Card and applied for B1/B2 Visitor Visas in May '12. My case was put under further 211(g) Admin Processing, because the Consular Officer wanted to know whether I was being sponsored yn the US for my Alternative Energy generation related inventions. I had responded saying that, that was not so and my visit was only of personal nature. However, the case is still pending with no certainty if being issued any time soon.
We have a family reunion, etc. in May next and booked flight in the 3rd. week of Apr. It would not be much use to me even if I get the visa thereafter.
Since I think my case is absolutely benign, I am considering withdrawing my pending application and reapplying. In case it is again delayed or rejected, it would not matter much anyway.
I would like to be advised whether I should withdraw my Visitor Visa Application and by what date should I reapply?
I would be thankful for advice.