withdraw h1B application while in Administrative processing

I was given 221G at the time of H1B interview (15th JAn, 2013, Calgary Consulate). I am thinking to withdraw my application from Calgary Consulate if I couldn’t hear anything till end of next month. My concern is they have my i797, can we withdraw our case and get the documents back from Consulate and go back to home country and re-apply for stamping? in case of withdraw, how will this 221g affect new application? will there be a chance to get 221G again since because previous application couldn’t completed the administrative processing?
Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks

My project will end in 2 months. If its too late then I can not reapply in India too.

You can tell them that you want to withdraw your case along w/ all documents and reapply in your home country. They should be ready to return all the docs.

Also, you should discuss all this w/ your attorney as well.