Withdraw 221g from Chennai consulate

What is the fastest way to withdraw pending 221g from Chennai Consulate. How much time does the consulate take to withdraw a case? There is no information anywhere about withdrawal of 221g adminstrative processing

write an email to ; and withdraw it…

Any idea, how much time do they take to withdraw the case

No idea…but I don’t think it will take time…May be 1 week…


I requested for withdraw of 221g 10days back. Till now no response. Call centre tells me that, the consulate has kept the request on hold.
Can the consulate not withdraw the case and ignore the withdraw request?

Hi ,
do you have any update on withdrawl ? i have sent email to consulat to withdraw 221g and h1b visa application (not petition).

I got reply to submit 129,lca through email. i submitted requested documents and its been one week. No response yet.
can anyone got reply regarding same ?

HI Jakkana,

did u got any reply?

Yes msmanju99.
I recieved email from consulate ton 29th Jan days hat my visa application has been withdrew. Now i am applying petition transfer through my current employer in india.

Guys , I have applied transfer and Its approved now . I am going to stamping in couple of weeks through current employer.

finally my visa is approved in hyd consulate after transfer. Would like to give an update on my case.

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I am in same boat. Can you please give ur number or email I’d I will get in touch with you.

I sent my email to you. You can email me.

hi, I am also in similar situation like you. Can you please provide me your email or phone number so that we can have a talk

Hi Jakkana, Can I have your email id please. I am kind of in a similar situation. Need to talk to you