Will you read Visa in the Sandbox?

My son and I are starting a small project on Amazon. We are writing a book ‘Visa in the Sandbox’ on the story of Ashok, Lakshmi, their 6 year old son Krishna and their baby daughter Radhika. Each chapter is written by Ashok and then repeated through the eyes of his son Krishna. Arriving as B-1 B-2 tourists, then progressing to F-1 / F-2 class through professional H-1B and finally green card to the day of citizenship oath, this is a fun story also that can bring tears to your eyes. Tears because this is not just the story of Ashok and Krishna but of every individual who tries to make it in this land of dreams, not sure if it is a dream or nightmare they are living. The book will be available for $5 when published in the third week of August. I will keep you informed. Click on