Will the knowledge of BTech affects in MS from US & in its admssn prcss


I have completed my B.Tech(CS) back in 2012. After that i have work experience of 1year 3 months in a HCL BPO as a TSO for a UK process.

I have good marks in 10th and 12th mentioning 80 and 82 repectively. But in graduation i scored 56.85 only. Frankly speaking i also have a very little knowledge when it comes to programming. Now as i ruined my B.Tech. i really don’t want to do same further and is really curious for further studies with complete dedication. I always wanted to study and work in US.

Can you please suggest will my knowledge and marks of graduation affect any further? Will it be a wise decision for going for MS in US? What will be the scope of it and as i belong to a middle class family i will also need loan for studies so in all what will be the total avg. expenses for this masters. Is there any chances of scholarships for me?

And if i go to US can you please also suggest the ways by which i can earn my expenses there while studying as i don’t want to burder my parents.

Thanks in Advance.

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Hi Madhav,

You can evaluate a variety of options based on what you feel you will be happiest doing. The skill level will be achieved accordingly and you can further enhance this by higher studies in the US. The drop in percentage from 80-82 in 12th to 59 in B.Tech suggests that you had a struggle with subject matter. You must not suffocate yourself intellectually, do only what you enjoy. Regarding finances, plenty of options exist. Regarding schools, many will accept you gladly.

All the best

Dr. Sandeep Shankar, Colorado Heights University, Denver, CO 80223, USA. www.chu.edu; sshankar@chu.edu

Hi madhav it good to here your planning to us for your masters my suggestion would choose good cousre for yoour mastre in which yoou have aa good knowleg and choose good univeristy which offers you from frist trimister intrenships with best place wherer you can earn i would like to say california is the best place.they some university which offers you first trimiter internnships.pleae go thoruugt that.