Will the H4 EAD application under review by USCIS remain valid if my spouse is not H1B status for short period of time?

My H4EAD application (based upon approved i140 for my H1B spouse) is currently pending with USCIS and was filed in Dec 2021. My spouse is planning to leave his current employment and move to our country till the time our EAD gets approved and then find another job in USA at later time once the EAD is approved. Since by doing this he will no longer be in H1B status, will USCIS continue to adjudicate the EAD application on its’ merit or will it be rejected or invalid because of the loss of H1B status. Both me and my spouse will not be in US during this time.

EAD application may keep processing while both primary H1B and H4 are traveling outside the US. In your case as the employer will not terminate the H1B, I dont see any issue with processing of EAD.
Make sure someone can receive your mails while you are gone.