Will Principal applicant's H1b transfer, affects dependent H1b processing ?

I’m on H4 (dependent visa ) , and my H1b visa petition is selected in this year’s lottery. Currently waiting for H1b approval in regular processing.My spouse got an opportunity with another employer recently and would need to apply for H1b transfer from current employer to new employer.please help me to understand below1.will there be any issues with my current H1b processing because of this employer change of my spouse ? 2.Do i also need to apply for transfer of my H4 visa , along with my Spouse H1B visa transfer ?Thanks

  1. No impact

  2. When is your current H-4 I-94 expiring?

My H4 is till Dec 2016 , and hope by that time i get H1b visa approved…

No need to include you in H-4 transfer in that case. I would suggest upgrading your petition to PP if you don’t receive receive your H-1 approval by Oct. This would give you enough time to apply for H-4 extension in case H-1 gets denied etc.