Will passport number change affect H1B approval?

H1B was petioned with a particular passport number. Later on there was a change of address in the paassport, and a new one issued. Now, the current passport number is different than the one used to file the petiotion. Approval is not yet received. Is this going to create a problem?

hi jessi… I also had the same problem… but my petition got approved… No need to worry … you have to bring both(old and new) passports to interview once the petition got aproved… but u have to give your new passport details while filling up the DS-160 So that your stamping will be done on th enew passport…

thank you sir :slight_smile:

Should we intimate the consulate about the change in address in such circumstances? Though the house is the same, the way the address is referenced has changed. Is there a provision to provide tha mailing address for the visa-stamped passport after the interview?

Hi I have the same issue
I got my H1B approval notice but it’s tied to the old passport NO. I just got my new passport. I’m abroad waiting for visa stamping appointment. Will there be any problem if i just bring my approval notice and new passport ? Do I need to file H1B amendment? Thanks

No it will not impact. You just need to carry both the ones.