Will Name Change affect Existing Visa?

I’m holding a US business visa for 10 years, with 7 more years of validity.

My name is my current passport and visa is First Name : Deepak

Surname : Vijayakumar

My name to be changed to in the New Passport is :

First Name : Deepak Vijaykumar

Surname : Shahri

I would like to know if my VISA will be valid or will i have to apply for a new visa .

Requesting you to please assist me on this.



Various U.S. embassy web sites note that, when your name has changed, you can travel with the old visa and documents which show evidence of the name change. You also need official English translations of the name change documents.For instance:allowed to apply for a new visa, if you wish. You should also apply for a new visa if the reason your name changed was to correct an error in the previous name.Visa holders of valid visas on passports reflecting their incorrect, old, assumed name, such as the following, may reapply for a nonimmigrant visa :incorrect spelling of the namewithout the second name (ex: “Jose Reyes dela Cruz” instead of “Jose Pedro Reyes dela Cruz”)without a suffix (Jr., Sr., III, etc.)Ma. instead of MariaTo reapply, please comply with the Nonimmigrant Visa Application Procedures.