Will my H4 visa be active after my company has filled for my H1B?

My husband is currently in USA on a H1 visa, and I have also got my H4 visa approval(Passport stamped). However I am still in India and am working with the my company that is filling my H1B visa in April 2013. I want to know that after my H1 pettition gets approved, will my H4 visa still be valid for me to be able to travel to USA on the H4 status in the interim period between April and October. I am aware that I cannot travel on my H1 visa up till 10 days before my date of joining of work in the USA. So if i want to travel before October, and I have not gotten my H1B visa stamped (i have the pettition approval though), is my H4 visa still active and will i be able to travel to USA in between April to Oct?

Yes, you can return on H-4 visa as long as the petition has not expired. Your H-1 COS will be abandoned if you leave US while COS was in progress.

Also, on return your status will be H-4. To move to H-1, you either need to return to US on stamped H-1 visa or file separate COS from H-4 to H-1 after returning to US. Another option is to leave US after H-1 w/ COS has been approved and then return on H-4 prior to Oct 1.