Will my H1B visa be cancelled if I am applying for H4(dependant)visa.


I have valid business/H1 B work visa(valid till Sep 2014).I am planning to join my husband in US for 6 months on H4 dependant visa.

I want to know if after coming back ,I can travel on my H1 B visa or whether it (H1 B )will be deactivated/cancelled after getting the H4 dependant visa approval?

When you appear for H-4 visa stamping, there is a possibility that they will cancel H-1 visa stamp w/o prejudice after approving the H-4 visa.

Once you enter US on H-4, you will have following options:’

  • you can file COS from H-4 to H-1 while being inside US

  • you can return to your home country, get H-1 visa stamped again and fly to US