Will my earlier appointment be cancelled if I have submitted new DS 160 after scheduling appointment

Hi ,

I am on vacation to India and wanted to get my visa stamped with my extended petition .

My employer have already scheduled appointment at Delhi (my DS 160 as Delhi consulate) and got the dates for X and Y and scheduled appointment also .

For checking availability of earlier dates (since i have to travel back earlier than X and Y date) I had filled new DS160 with Hyderabad consulate and submitted. (Please note I have not cancelled my earlier appointment at Delhi )

Query: Will my scheduled appointment at Delhi be cancelled or invalid automatically or my fees will be invalid since i filled new DS160 with Hyderabad as consulate ? OR will there be any problem in getting my visa stamped ?Please advice me what best can be done if so?

Did you pay the fees twice - once for Delhi and another for Hyd?

Hi Saurabh,

No i have not paid fees twice. Fees was paid by my employer for Delhi only.

I have just submitted DS160 for Hyd (not paid any fees or made any changes to appointment).

wanted to know whether Delhi appointment will be retained as it is.

I wonder how you were able to schedule another appointment w/o submitting the fees or canceling the previous appointment.

Do you have appointment letters for both appointments?