Will it be a problem if visitor visa is sponsored by brother instead of daughter who is also in US


I have a peculiar scenario here. My in-laws are planning to travel to US on visitor visa and my father in-law’s brother is living in the US and has US Citizenship. My father in-law’s brother would like to sponsor his visitor’s visa. Now my question is, would cause any problem during stamping or approval of the visa, as my father in-law has to mention in DS-160 that his daughter is also living in the US?

Any help in this regard would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

He can declare his daughter’s presence, it is no problem. He can always say that I don’t want to be a burden on my married daughter, I will be staying with my brother and visiting my daughter. The US embassy folks understand this aspect of Indian culture where it is awkward for the bride’s parents to stay in the groom’s house.

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