Will i have a problem with my employer if i have pleural thickening in my chest xray?

My lung scarring was first found out almost four years ago when i had my pre employment medical exam here in the Philippines. And eventhough the sputum exams all came out negative and i didnt have any symptoms, i was still required to undergo treatment and after was given a medical clearance to continue working. And now i already have my H1B visa but came up with a problem because of the pleural thickening found in my chest xray. And eventhough i submitted a medical clearance from my doctor the agent handling my papers told me that there is only a slim chance that i can still have the job despite already having the visa. Pls pls help! Anyone have similar situations or have answers?

Your agent is mistaken. Pleural thickening is caused by environmental agents such as asbestos and not by infectious disease. You will however not be able to function well in high altitude areas such as Colorado but will be perfectly ok in NJ/NY or California.