will i get f1 visa even if i get lo gre scores of around 880?

i got ielts 7.5 and in low gre score of around 880, 620 in quants and 260 in verbal and in awa i got 4. the gre score is very low but still i gve a chance of applying for lamar university and new jersey institute of technology. i got a admit from NJIT. Is there chance for me to get the visa?

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It depends on your UG grades too. What they look for in the visa interview is whether you are a geniune student. I mean interested to study or just trying to get to the USA to work and settle down in USA.

Make your answers around that you are very interested to study and will come back to work in India after you are done. You answers will reflect the geniunity of your case and based on your answers your visa decision will be made.