Will I get 6 years on the same H1B if out of US for more than a year

I was in the US on H1B from 2005 to 2007 sponsored by Company A. I was out of US for 5.5 years and returned back on the same H1B (extension) in 2013 for the same company A. Will I be able to work in US for another 6 years on the same H1B (since I was out for more than a year) or for 3 years only (since I have already used 3 years of my H1B).

You can use this extended H1-B and continue stay for next 6 years. H1-B extension means, you get new petition but you wont be under Cap-limit. Its kind of new H1-B without Cap-limit. Just for simplicity, we call it transfer.