Will I be stopped at the port of entry if there is another university name in my current F1 Visa?

I had to leave U.S because of the completion of my SEVIS. My Stem Opt got denied and I leaved U.S before 60 days of my grace period.I am in India now and I got admission in Masters(Same level of degree) in another university.If I enter U.S with the new I-20 and my current F1 Visa having my old university name and which is also valid till 11/26/2020.Will the ICE officer at the port of entry stops me and asks questions about why am I doing second degree with the same level i.e Masters again ? Please help me.

Well, they may ask…you need to have an answer for that. It could be a general question to check your reason for coming back… There is nothing to worry or panic as long as you have everything in line and you have a good reason for everything.