Will I be eligible for Interview Wavier?


In 2011 my F1 visa got rejected and after that in 2017 I have got my B1/B2 visa approved and travelled to US two times on Business purpose. Now my H1B visa petition is in process and might apply for a appointment. Based on the new rule will I be eligible for interview wavier?

I will be going for appointment along with my wife and 2yr old kid. In case I am eligible for visa dropbox will my dependents will also be eligible for drop box or since they do not have any previous visa will they have to attend the interview?

Any past visa refusal will be counted against the eligibility for IW.

Hi Kalpesh,

After my 214b for F1 in 2011 I received approval for B1 in 2017 and travelled to US twice. So after my visa refusal i was issued a visa. Now I wanted to book for my H1 stamping. So will I be eligible for interview waiver. Very confused as some say i am eligible for interview waiver. Can you please help me if i should book IW appointment or counsellor interview?


When you book the appointment, the system will walk you through the eligibility questions for IW. Based on your answers the system will automatically schedule IW or interview. No need to get confused, just answer the questions based on facts.

Hi Kalpesh,
I was filling out my details to book appointment and came across those interview waiver questions. need help in below.

Do you have previous US Visa in any class issued? Yes (B1/B2)
Was your prior visa annotated "clearance received or department authorization? No
Was your most recent US visa stolen or lost or cancelled? No
have you ever been refused a US Visa before? Yes(Refused F1 in 2011)
Did your most recent application result in you being issued the Visa? Yes (B1/B2 issued in 2017)
Was your most recent US visa issued after January 1, 2008? Yes

In my case I was refused student visa in 2011 then again in 2017 I was issued a B1/B2. So For this question - “have you ever refused to US visa?” I selected “Yes” and for this “Did your most recent application result in you being issued the visa?” as “Yes” as it was issued in 2017. Is my answer correct or should I select No?

Could you please help if I have answered right for question 5?

Thank you for the help.

This seems correct based on the information/timelines you provided