Will I be eligible for a CPT (internship) during my MBA ?


I did my Masters in Computer Science.

  • I used my OPT + Stem extension. Did NOT use my CPT (don’t know if that matters).
  • My H1 got approved in 2014 and currently employed full time with a big corporate.
  • I now want to pursue a Full Time MBA from a top school to facilitate a career transition/enhancement.

I have 2 pertinent questions.

  1. Will I be eligible for a CPT during my MBA (and hence be eligible for an internship)?
  2. I plan to have my future employer (post MBA) transfer my H1 onto himself. Would this be a smooth switch or is there a caveat here or some issue that I need to be aware of?

Many Thanks

  1. I am not 100% sure, but I don’t think you can avail CPT here.

  2. The future employer can easily file cap-exempt petition for you within 6 years of last day of holding H-1 status. In other words, if you move to F-1 on April 1, 2016 then you can have cap-exempt petition filed until Mar 31, 2022. Keep proof of 797, payslips, W-2