Will Having a Look Out Notice in India Cause Problems for H-1B Visa Stamping

I’m thinking of going to India for my H-1b visa stamping. I have a look out notice on my name due an earlier divorce case. But there is no warrent on my name. The lookout notice will be dropped once I appear in front of a judge,

Is it advisable to go to Canada for stamping ? Or is it ok to get stamped in India ?

As far as I can understand the criminal law in India, when there is no warrent against you, consulate cant find your look out notice. BUT… on your visa application form OR in the interivew, you should NEVER LIE… (I repeat, NEVER LIE). You dont need to volanterly say that “I am on lookout” but if there is a question about it, you must tell the truth. If you lie and it was later found, it would be more dangerous. I guess your divorce related lookout may not have a denil impact. But if the consualte initate a detailed review and any of your other issues comes out, it would be a potential problem.

I personally suggest you to try your luck without lieing about anything.

Good luck