Will H4-EAD be valid after H1B moved to new Employer

Hi, Someone please clarify me on this.,

Let’s say, I am having a H1B with I140 approved with Employer A and I got my spouse H4 EAD by this year. Assume EAD is valid till 2017. If I moved to new employer B in 2016, my I140 will be revoked by Employer A. In this situation will the EAD also be revoked or my spouse is good to work till her EAD validity period?

Technically, your spouse EAD would be deemed to be void as soon as the underlying H1B OR i140 (Base qualifications for your spouse EAD) is void(for what ever be the reason). But since the USCIS may or may not revoke your spouse EAD, her employer may continue to employ her as he had the valid EAD to employ her.

For your spouse’s future immigration issues point of view, its healthy to stop working from the date that you had your i140 revoked.

Thanks ImmiGeek. So in this case, is it advisable to stop working after my I140 is revoked?

Again, let’s assume I have my approved i140 now and my wife have H4 EAD. Then, I complete my 6 years, extend my H1B for 3 years with I140 with employer A. After that I moved to new Employer B, by this time Employer A revoked my i140. But I already passed my 6 years and with 3 years extension. In this case my wife can still able to hold the H4-EAD and continue work?

if you complete 180 days on approved i140 with your previous employer and your new employer files AC21, such H1 extensions(beyond 6 yeras) would be valid, thus any dependent H4s and even thus the corresponding EADs etc (are valid.)