Will existing H4 Visa be Valid If F1 Visa is Granted


My Wife was on H4 Visa and she applied for a change of Status from H4 to F1 while in the US. She travelled to India and had to attend the Visa interview to get her F1 Visa stamped.
During the interview , A query was issued requesting for additional documentation. She submitted all the required documents. By the time her case was reviewed and F1 visa was approved , she had already missed 3 weeks of classes at school. Since she could not cope up, a request was placed with ISS and DSO to defer her quarter by 3 months.
According to F1 regulations, A student can enter US only 1 month before the school quarter/semester starts. So she had to stay back for 45 days in India until 1 month before the quarter. Please help me answer the following questions I have

  1. Instead of wating for such a long time, can she enter US with the existing H4 Visa

Will it be an problem if you enter US on H4 Visa while also having valid F1 Visa on passport?

  1. If yes to point 1, Can we reapply for the change of status from H4 to F1 in the US. Will it be a problem again while applying for COS?

Please help

  1. Yes, she can enter on H4 visa. No, it should NOT be. Typically, many have B1 and L1 visas, they enter on L1 visa. The trick is, if her H4 visa was cancelled on the passport or not. If it is still valid, she should be fine to enter on H4 visa.

  2. I would think, it should be fine. Many of the H4 visa holders apply for COS to F1. You can speak to the DSO or International student advisor at the school, if you have questions.

You can schedule an appointment with local USCIS office and get clarification or you can email the Consulate and get it confirmed as well. I am not a lawyer by any means, but it looks very much straight forward to me.