Will change in visa status affect in-state tuition fee?


How does the in-state tuition fee work if my visa validity expires by mid of the program. I’m on L visa and going to join college in Sep 2023. My current visa validity is until Nov 2023. If I qualify for in-state tuition fee, will I be able to change my status from L to F1? or should I first change L to F1 and then claim for instate tuition fee? As per MA residency policy, 12 months I should have lived in the state before enrollment which I have. Appreciate your help on this.


Generally speaking when you change to F1 your fee status will change from in state to International. Most schools will not qualify the student to in state if status is F1 so check with your DSO and registrar’s office if you will be still charged in state after changing to F1.