Will change in status from H4 to F1 revoke my husband's H1B(if i20 dependant copy was submitted)?


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Im Viveka, I moved to US in H4, Apllied for Change of status form H4 to F1 online, I added documents of I20- student and dependant copy which is for 36 months, and my husband’s H1B expires by Aug 2016,

Now i got RFE- asking us for

1.-justification for this H1B principle alien abondaning his employemnt to become a dependant F2 non immigrant.

2.-proof of how your spouse will be able to provide financial support to you for entire period of study(36 months) when he will no longer be able to work in US as an F2 non immigrant.

Does that mean his H1B will be revoked, he has no idea of being a dependant, he will continue in H1B.

What kind of documents should i submit for this RFE?

Or how can i say them to ignore i20 Dependant copy?

Thank you


Viveka Ravichandran