Wife on F1 Visa and I Have B1B2 Visa Want to Visit her

Good Morning Sir,

My Name is Aditya, I am from Noida India. I have a valid 10 Year B1/B2 Visa. I visited NewYork Last Year for a month for business Trip.

My Wife recently got F1 Visa and reached US on 15th of Aug 2017 for her MBA from University of Illinois .

I want to visit in December in her winter vacation starting from 15th December to 15 Jan 2018.

I would like to Ask, Can I Visit her on B1/B2 Visa. and what should i reply to the immigartion officer at Port of entry in Chicago… when he asks the purpose of my Visit.

or Can i apply for F2 Visa , but i think there is a Risk, She recently went to US and F2 Visa is not advisable for now according to me.

Please advise…

Looking forward to your response…

What is that you want to do ? Visit her for few days/months and return back to India or you want to live with her here?

If you want to visit, just use your B1./B2 visa and at PoE you can say that you intend to return back to India to continue your job and show your return ticket as proof or a letter from your employer.