Wife is in F1 and Need Suggestion Urgent


I have been working in India in IT industry for more than 10 years. I got married 5 years ago and i have a kid of 2 years. My wife wanted to study in USA and got F1 Visa. I have 3 options in front of me and need your kind advise.

  1. Go as dependent (F2) – This is not possible as i cannot work in US and I will be loosing my earnings.

  2. Apply for H1B - Its pure luck for getting selected in lottery and even then, if i say to VO that my wife is in US in F1; Does the VO rejects my Visa? Then it is disaster.

  3. Applying F1 Visa :- If i secure a admission for pursuing MBA / MS in US and apply for F1, is there any chance of getting rejected? does the VO thinks we are potential immegrants?

Please help. Urgent.

  1. Yes, you cannot work.

  2. No, they are both independent and you applying for H1B is totally fine. As long as your documentation is correct. But, I agree with the luck part and lottery

  3. Well, firstly, I personally do not recommend anyone to study higher education, just for the sake of studying. If you are really passionate, then you may consider this. You cannot work on F1 visa, except some part time on campus jobs.

You may consider L1B visa route through your company, if your company can sponsor you and move you on-site to work in US. All in all, it is a tough situation. You will have to take some hard decision either on family front or earnings, if things do not work out with H1B or L1B.