Wife going to US on H1B this week. Me n kids joining after 5-6 mths on H4- any options to earn without violating rules?

I am an HR Professional (Master’s Degree Holder in HR Management- 12+3+2 Years) from University of Pune, with some additional university qualifications (Diplomas) in Labour Welfare and Industrial Psychology. Post qualification, I have more than 17 years of experience as a Generalist HR Professional with expertise across the complete spectrum of the HR Function and spanning different industries and sectors.

Incidentally, my wife is an IT Professional who has recently got a long term assignment (atleast 2 years) at Dallas with one of her clients. She has her H1 visa and based on that, we (me, my children) have got H4 visas. She will be reaching Dallas this weekend.

I am exploring the possibility of joining her with kids after 4-5 months for these 2 years or more and stay at Dallas, provided it works out financially feasible, one of the requirements for it being able supplement household income. What are the options available for me to earn without violating H4 work restrictions?

Alternately, I could look at option of Higher education, again provided I have some hope of earning part-time. What is a better option, studying on H4 or on Student Visa? What kind of Visa or course can help me get some part-time job too?

You cannot work on H4 in US. You can work remote for an Indian company and get paid in rupees in Indian bank account. No employer would take you as an employee with H4.