Wife going for POSTDOC US_Husband currently in IT firm as developer_query regarding getting visa and job

-> Current Situation:
Hi, I am working as a senior software developer (6 years experience (Honeywell) ) in the IT industry in Bangalore, India.
My wife is going for a Post Doc in US probably 2020 mid.

-> Query:
a. Will i able to go with her and apply for work in US ? How much time normally it takes to get a job ?
b. In which type of visa, she can apply so that i also can work.
c. Any other information regarding the questions mentioned above will be very useful.

Thanks in advance…

Congratulations on this opportunity for the family. Postdoctoral associates traditionally arrive in the US either on a J-1 visa or an H-1B. You will be a dependent. If your wife is on J-1, your classification of J-2 will make you eligible for nationwide employment immediately after you are approved for an EAD (employment authorization document). This is an easy process. If your wife is however on H-1B, you will be on an H-4 visa and not eligible for employment, and additionally prohibited from employment considerations or part-time earnings through any source unless you find a sponsor who can work on your independent H-1B. The decision on the actual visa classification that a primary applicant travels on depends on the university or company that your wife has been invited to join.

Best wishes
Dr. Sandeep Shankar