Wierd Case Status 2015


I would like to give a completely different situation of my visa experience 2015. My petition was filed by employer at the right time and luckily it got picked up in lottery and we received the receipt notice -I197, but it was in same status for a very long time and finally on august 17th there was an update to the Case " On August 17, 2015, we made the decision to refund the fee for your Form I-129".(there is no other reason to justify a refund was initiated)

When I enquired with the employer, they stated that they have received an information from the USCIS stating that my case number was not picked up in lottery and by mistake their system have sent the receipt notice and hence the visa cannot be processed.

Not sure about what would have happened. Can any one advise me on this.

Does that status say that the processing of the case will not be affected by this refund? I am in the same boat as you since May 29th

Did u get any updates from your employer. The statement is confusing. Are they giving rebate to our employer by refunding our I-123 amount and processing our case ?
When i asked my employer they say its a new situation to them. Not sure what the hell is happening… Can the moderator step in and answer and clarify us.