Why this happens?

Whenever I ask a question on Quora about PhD in CS in US, few professors or other graduates always suggest not to do it. We all know that it requires hard work,tenacity and patience. People are not mad to waste their five years of precious life. Why they always suggest not to do it ? Do they want that Asians should not cross them in intellectual terms by doing better research and innovation? I know academic jobs are less. But what about scientist/researcher jobs in Industry ? MS is not affordable for everyone. PhD is funded. I know that its difficult to get admit for a PhD as compared to MS.Most of the people know these facts. If it is so bad then why have they done it and enjoying scientist/reseacher/professor positions in huge institutions and organizations?

PhD is a very personal decision. People who advice you not to do it are dealing with their own stories on things and events that may not have worked for them. Write your own story, follow your own dream - let others learn from it.

As Dr. Sandeep said, everyone has their own perspective and story. If you are really passionate and have the strong desire to do it, go for it. Do not question your passion. In fact, PhD for CS is an exciting thing these days, there a lot of whole new areas under Machine Learning, Big Data that have opened up with the massive computation power we have available at low cost… There are always naysayers telling their things, but if you have the will to dedicate 5 years of your life and contribute something meaningful go for it…regarding jobs, there are plenty of roles for researchers in the industry, you just need to look !