Why the lottery results not declared electronically on website or by auto mailer?

when lottery has already taken place, what stops them from declaring the result automatically?? This can be done instantly by sending auto mailer to firm who applied or otherwise… What is the logic for this delay?

Well, it is a very logical question. I guess, USCIS may not want to declare all those results at one shot to everyone because of few reasons.

Typically, the communication is done via email only for premium processing petitions and for regular processing, it is sent via postal mail, which could be some decent amount of workload. USCIS handles much more than just H1B petitions and they may be short on resources to handle all of the load to do this manual processing.They may want to validate the applications picked for duplicate filingsThis is a pure speculation on the blogger/attoreny community…some say that USCIS also picks some extra petitions apart from the exact 85,000 petitions to consider for the rejections, etc. So, maybe they want to hold off until they process a good set of applications to declare the rejections of the lottery.Technically, an employee can start working for FY 2016 from October 1st, so there is no rush from USCIS standpoint as they have almost 6 months and they may take time to offset their other workloads…We do NOT know the real intent behind it as USCIS does not really offically communicate the reason, what you asked is a very logical question, I wish I had an official answer. Above are just based on my understanding over the years.