why i 539 shows name is updated ?

I have applied for extension of my h4 visa along with my spouse h1 through premium processing on march 22.My spouse visa got approved in first week of april. The status of my h4 extension shows “Name is updated” on april 12th.Do anyone have idea how long does it take to get approval?Any one on same boat?

Lot of people see this status in b/w and it changes to something else later. Wait for couple of weeks and if it still stays the same, then contact USCIS.

can you please update what happened in your case? I am in same boat and will greatly benefit from your expereince. Wish you very best!

I am still waiting…No change in status yet.

I am also in the same boat -Applied for h1b and h4 extension in premium processing in march.H1b got approved but h4 still shows name was updated on 20th april…wondering how long will it take for h4 approval ? Any updates please…Thanx