Why did I receive a green slip (221 g) for a J1 Visa from Australia,



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The American consulate kept my Australian passport and my DS2019 certificate of eligibility, and I showed them my student status form from RMIT Universityl

I have applied for the J1 Visa after I received a DS2019 certificate of eligibility from the US.


In regards to a internship.


I received  a green slip under (221 g)

Administrative processing .


They told me to wait 4-6 weeks


It was on the 19 July.


They asked for my RMIT university transcript and a bank statement.


However I'm unemployed not working.


Do you have any clue on the realistic timeframe that my visa will be completed after administrative processing?


Why didn't they specifically request more documents on the green slip, 221 g?


Please keep in touch with me.


I'm extremely stressed out.


Look forward from you.



Mahmoud Arabi


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Well, I am not sure how long it takes in Australia.

Typically, 221g for H1B visa can take anywhere from few weeks to few months. Yours is J1 visa, not sure exactly about the time frame.

All I can tell is, just be patient and hope for the best. I understand it is a stressful situation, but you have nothing in your hands, but to wait…Good Luck !