Who is eligible for AVR ( automatic visa revalidation)

Hi, I am an Indian citizen living in USA on H1B. My stamped H1 visa on passport expired in 2018, since then I have been on I-797 extension(I-94 extension). I am planning to visit Canada for two weeks for vacation (I have valid Canada visitor visa), can I use Automatic Revalidation to come back to USA without having to stamp my H1 visa in Canada? My current I-797 valid till June 2024.
PS: I never had any visa denials and I haven’t been outside USA for more than 30days in the last 7yrs. Appreciate your response!

Yes you can for sure. Make sure you carry all H1B ( and H4 if dependents are traveling with you) documents, for e.g. current I-797, passport with expired visa ( if visa is in expired passport carry all passports), employment verification letter, last three pay stubs.

Thanks for your response.