who has to pay money to schedule Visa appointment?

Hi all,

This might be a strange question but this was asked to me in my visa interview.

VO:how much did you pay for visa appointment?

Me: $190

My question is as I applied thru some XXX company in US,my employer need to pay or I can pay Visa appointment fees?

Employers are not required to pay for that fee. Even employee can pay for that fees.

Thanks Saurabh for ur response…I have below question.

Hi all below is my H1b interview experience at hyd consulate. date 1/20/2016

VO:who is ur employer?

Me: xxxx

VO:Who is ur client?

ME:some xxx

VO:what business they do?


VO: is it client project?

Me: said Yes

VO:what is ur highest qualification?

Me:Masters in xx

VO:How much did u pay for visa appointment?

Me:I paid $190

VO:hw much you paid for petition?

Me:No i did not pay anything

Vo:can u plz wait outside

after sometime another indian VO called me and asked me again is this client project or inhouse?

I said its client project but i will be working at my employer place

(but i have to say its inhouse project) this is my mistake

VO: ok give me ur LCA,client letters,letter to consulate and asked me to wait

again after sometime called me and gave my passport back and gave 221g white slip and gave all other documents and kept client letters and letter to US consulate and told ur case is under administrative processing,u can track ur status online.

What are the chances I get visa? what they do for this situation? anyone have same experience plz share, I am very much tensed. all my documents are genuine.

They may want to verify with the client that this is indeed a model that they have approved.

What’s the location mentioned in LCA and letter to USCIS - employer’s office?

Ok Thanks…so I can still keep my hopes alive?

In LCA and USCIS, yes it is mentioned working location will be from employers office.
is there any problem with this?
what model it is called as?

It is still a consulting model. I think you should still have hope if the submitted documents are genuine and the client is ready to support any verification.