While filling the DS160, do I mention that my US visa was cancelled?

For the question, “Has your US visa ever been cancelled?” Background - I went to the US for a summer term in 2013. Inspite of this being only a one month course, I was issued a 5 year visa (I20 mentioned one month). In 2016, I applied for and got approved for a B1 visa. However, during the process, the consular officer put a stamp of “Cancelled with out prejudice” on my not yet expired F1 visa (which was on my old passport that I got along). Question - Applying for another visa now. Do I mention that my visa was cancelled. I just feel that the spirit was not that of “cancellation” which has negative context. Does saying yes affect my chances of getting a new visa? Would the consulate know my visa was cancelled considering it is on an older passport. Indian

The answer should be No. When asked about cancelation they are looking for cancelation w/ prejudice. For example, they discovered fraud/misconduct and canceled the previous visa stamp.