which visa is good for study and work? H-4 or F-1?

I am having H-4 visa and want to work,but not going to live more than 6 years ,so do i am eligible for work or to apply for EAD? Or what if i will study for 2 years and then will apply for EAD? i am little confuse about switching H-4 to F-1, sfor F-1 i can study and get part time job too but the education cost will be expensive ,please tell me which is good ?H-4 or F-1?

For H-4 EAD, your spouse should have an approved I-140 or be in 7th year of H-1. Do you still qualify for EAD?

If you are eligible for EAD, then you can get H-4 EAD and start working on it. You can work like this, as long as spouse maintains his/her H-1 status.

If you move to F-1, then you have to study full-time and cannot work unless you can avail CPT or OPT.